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Troubleshooting and Servicing Gas Ranges - DVD Tutorial

 Learn how to properly diagnose and repair any problem on nearly any gas range. This DVD video covers all aspects of properly diagnose and servicing procedures. You'll learn about stand pilot systems, spark ignition systems, glow and coil ignition systems. Learn all about pilot light requirements, flash tubes, cleaning burner ports, fuel and air adjustments and standing pilot surface burners to LP gas. You'll also learn about oven thermostat operation, heater pilot systems, M.S (safety value) systems and converting the safety value to L.P. gas.

This DVD video covers spark ignition modules, electrodes, surface unit switches, solving problems with burner ignition and fuel and air adjustments. Also covered are glow coil ignition systems including Carborundum igniters and oven valves. The proper servicing procedures  on carbon monoxide testing, adjustments and detectors. On the business side of things, you'll learn how to increase your profits by offering CO Test and selling carbon monoxide detectors. This is the most comprehensives service instruction set of gas range available today! 

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