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Make good money repairing Home Appliances and or HVAC/R

Good recyclable appliances can be found in your neighborhood. Many appliances with a single problem can be found at the curbside. They will be set out for trash pickup. Repairs can be done quickly on washing machines, clothes dryers, and refrigerators. Salvage good parts to cut part costs, enabling the appliance to be sold without much cost. For example, a clothes dryer may need a drum belt replaced. Most washing machines, stoves, and refrigerators, may need simple and inexpensive repair. Go by big box stores to tell them that you will pick up their customer's discarded appliances for free for recyling, at no charge to the store or the customer.

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Courses below are on the technical aspect of starting an appliance service business.  Appliance & HVACR Service Technician

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Covers the necessary start-up preparations, including a business  plan, operating pitfalls and business disciplines to avoid common pitfalls.