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FIVE COURSE MODUELS of eight categories

Envision a career as an appliance service professional in home services. Successful appliance repair professionals can do very well! With the right training, you can launch a career in appliace repair, save money on your own repair once you know the ins and outs of appliance diy repair, or even start your own appliance repair business. With AU Appliance repair home study courses, learn how to fix laundry and kitchen appliances, and much more. Many topics are covered, including Cooking Appliances, Clothes Washing Machines and Dryers, Refrigerators, and many others. Learn at your own pace, in your spare time from of your own home or shop, and earn your diploma in as little as 6 months!


Home Technical Training Courses

Appliance University Home Technical Training courses teaches how to properly diagnose and repair major kitchen and laundry appliances. These home courses are written by the major appliance industry's best known technical writer and instructor, Jim Johnson. Each course are comprehensive training programs which give specific service procedures for major appliances, taking you step by step operation and specific repair procedures. Learn how to diagnose a motor that will not run, and learn how to disassemble components. Appliance University courses are one 10th of the cost of a one day workshop, or semester length course for one technician.

Technicial colleges est.Tuition $14,675.00 and Supplies $1,200.00 Total $15,87500 for Major Appliance and Refrigeration Technology courses, plus your time 8 quarters. Laundry Major Appliance Technology course Tuition $7,350.00 and Supplies $1,000.00 Total $8,350.00. Time 8 quarters. Total of $24,225.00. Technicial colleges and schools use Appliance University tutorials.


For Only $999.95 SAVE $23,225.OO over cost of technicial colleges and tec. schools.

Appliance University 5 Vocational Courses on Home Appliances



All five Appliance Vocational Courses: ELECTRICAL, REFRIGERATION FUNDAMENTALS, REFRIGERATION & FREEZERS & Room A/C, COOKING EQUIPMENT, LAUNDRY & KITCHEN are designed for the major appliance service professional committed to excellence. . . You'll learn it all at home; you can complete the course as fast as you want, no classroom needed! This Appliance University Vocational Educational course is like having your own personal Appliance Repair School! This course is recommended to be taken as a complete course with all five modules, and not taken as one or two courses, or as a separate pick and choose course. A certificate is awarded at the end of the five modules after passing the test. (Note: each MODULE PRE-REQUISITE MUST BE TAKEN.) This correspondence training program is offered by Appliance University Training Associates; a private vocational school licensed in the state of Arizona offering adult education programs in partnership with the community college system since 1986. The content of this course was designed and developed by Jim Johnson, America's best known technical writer in the major appliance field. Appliance University vocational courses are one 10th of the cost of a one day workshop or semester length course for one technician.


  • 'As I prepare to start Module 3 of your Major Appliance Technology Certificate Program, I wanted to let you know that I feel the first two modules have been well worth the time and money spent.' -Florida
  • 'Thank you. I really enjoyed taking your appliance repair course. It is very informative and I learned a lot!' -Arizona
  • 'The thing I liked best about this module was that it filled in some of the things I didn’t understand about the fundamentals of electricity. -Tennessee


With the purchase of all moduls, recieve two DVD videos FREE: Electrical and Refrigeration Fundamentals.