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Since 1995, Appliance University courses are produced so that you can learn appliance technology at your own pace. AU  appliance repair courses and DVD tutorials may be purchased as single tutorials, but yo

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How to obtain inventory?

Best part it's FREE!

Good recyclable appliances can be found in your neighborhood. Many appliances with a single problem can be found at the curbside. They will be set out for trash pickup. Repairs can be done quickly on washing machines, clothes dryers, and refrigerators. Salvage good parts to cut part costs, enabling the appliance to be sold without much cost. For example, a clothes dryer may need a drum belt replaced. Most washing machines, stoves, and refrigerators, may need simple and inexpensive repair. Go by big box stores to tell them that you will pick up their customer's discarded appliances for free for recyling, at no charge to the store or the customer.

Reselling recyclable, repairable appliances, renting them, or doing service repair work, will not require much start-up capital. Use your garage for a work shop, start at home or rent a small shop.

Placing classified ads in the newspaper may work too for picking up discarded appliance for resale.

Start with washing machines and clothes dryers at first and stick with only one manufactor. AU suggests Whirlpool because they market under many brand names. This will enable you to keep a small inventory to keep cost down by spreading the cost over many brands.

Whirlpool Clothes washers uses direct drive systems in which the motor attaches to the transmission with a rubber and plastic coupling. After a few years, this coupling will wear and break. The repair is cheap and only takes a few minutes. See video tutorial Whirlpool Direct Drive Washer

Secrets of Troubleshooting Refrigerators

Teach troubleshooting skills for inexpensive refrigerator repairs. As an example, a refrigerator quits cooling. The problem could be defrost components that may cause the unit not to run perfectly. The defrost timer or thermostat might need replaced-how do you know?

The refrigerator will quit cooling. The problem will be with the defrost components. You may replace the defrost control. This inexpensive repair may cause the unit to run perfectly. Secrets of Troubleshooting Refrigerator instructional video will help you correctly diagnose and repair refrigerators without heavy theory, this is it! Over 90% of reported refrigerator problems are heat transfer or electrical problems.

See also Refrigeration Library

Good business offers a warranty with your sales. A simple "thirty day" parts and labor warranty may be good enough. This will encourage people to buy your products. Think of Costco, people buy there because they know items can be returned if defective.

More information: Appliance & HVACR Service Technician Job Description, Education and Training Requirements

Adhere to any local, state and federal laws and ordinances. The EPA requires that those working with refrigerants must be certified, and voluntary certifications include the National Appliance Service Technician Certification and the Certified Appliance Professional certification.