Do-It-Yourself, Tips and Advice for Home Appliance Repairs

Instructions for Appliance Repair 

Appliance University Repair DVDs and streamed DIYS' Appliance Repair Guides to help you find the the problem with your broken appliances and how to repair them yourself! Use professional repair techniques  to fix all types of appliances.

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 By Appliance University Clinic with HOW TO REPAIRSTREAMED or DVD videos instructions on how to properly diagnose and repair major kitchen and laundry appliances, through our academy training tutorials for home fixit projects. These videos are presented by the major appliance industry's best known technical writer and instructor, Jim Johnson on How-to advice for Appliance Repair and for Appliance technicians. These appliance service manuals videos are comprehensive DO IT YOURSELF programs are easy to follow, which give specific service procedures for major appliances, taking you step by step through the design, operation and specific repair procedures. Learn how to diagnose a motor that will not run, and learn how to disassemble components. ALWAYS adhere to all safety tips when repairing any appliance. It is necessary to use common sense, with AU instructional video you get professional help in order to avoid injuries. These how to videos cover safety, theory, operation, and troubleshooting. 

How Home Stuff Works: When a major household appliance breaks down, you may be completely at a loss. Learn how to repair major household appliances with AU videos below.

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BY repairing DIY home appliance PROBLEMS you can save yourself a time, hassle and money.
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