AU Comments

AU Comments:

Appliance University produces many training tutorial vidoes for newer and older designed appliances.

Education starts in small increments. To quote an AU customer,  "I learned a lot from watching the video". Manufacture's do not change the basic design for 25 - 50 years. A few AU training tutorials are for dryer models manufactured  from the 70's - 2000.  100's of Millions of this designed dryer are still being used, and in need of repair. Once repaired, they will last just as long, in fact better than newer dryers which seem to have more problems because of newer electronics built into them. So there is money to be made repairing these older dyers. This training tutorial video is priced accordingly at $39.95. New model dryer tutorials are priced from $99.95 to $149.95-see AU newer designed dryers. Brand specific videos on are up to date for their design model. Model upgrades are not included, because these usually do not change in their basic design. When manfacture's change their design completely, the new model will be called by a new model name such as Whirlpool Duet, and Maytag Neptune.

All image icons seen on are for illustrative purposes only, representing products being sold. The information on the DVD is what is being sold, not the cover illustrating the product. The actual cover illustration could be different.