Instructors Curriclum

Instructors and Teacher Need a Curriclum on Appliance & HVAC/R 

Appliance University has educational material to help teachers to know how to choose the best material for instruaction on how to repair major appliance and HVAC/R.

Frist start by compiling all the information from the company that you'll need to conduct the training program for. Typical information includes company policies, and recent changes in organizational structure or management.

Separate the information you compiled into different categories like laundry, cooking equipment, refrigeration. Each category corresponds to a different section of the training program. All the Appliance University educational material is accurate, written by Jim Johnson appliance service industry best known instrucator. 

Appliance University different mediums text books, vocational courses, instructional DVDs with which to present your curriclum training program. Ideally, you'll want to incorporate a number of different mediums. This will help make the training program more interesting and less monotonous. Some common mediums include PowerPoint presentations,and binders that contain all the information you're presenting.

Many teachers use instructional strategies to help their students learn the subjects. These strategies are planned lessons that ensure that educators follow a sequence and deliver instruction in specific ways. Strategies are considered effective if they provide clear steps and teaching methods such as concentrating on essential components, connecting material to the curriculum, using previous student knowledge, providing support to students, teaching steps procedures to students and reviewing learned material