Appliance Servicing, HVAC/R Business-How to Start, Prices, Repair

Appliance Service and Repair Technician - How to Start, Prices and Services

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Education in the appliance service industry is not that hard. Appliance University has been making education courses in the appliance service industry easy, and at a low cost since 1995. To start with, one tutorial is as low as $29.95 for one single lesson, and on special, some are priced lower. Buy by LIBRARY BUNDLES, SETS, PACKAGES, and save more. Appliance University Vocational Courses on Home Appliances can be done in your own time at home. These courses are less than the cost of a one day workshop or semester for one technician.

Suggestions on How to Get Started

While you are getting trained by purchasing Appliance University video tutorials, pick up good, recyclable appliances that can be found in your neighborhood, or from friends and relatives, or service their appliance for free to help you get more field experience (see AU DVD tutorials and books on troubleshooting electrical problems).  Many appliances can be found at the curbside or the recycle center; another place is the county dump. They will be set out for trash pickup. Repairs can be done quickly on washing machines, clothes dryers, with laundry tutorials, and refrigerators, with the refrigeration tutorials bundle. Salvage good parts from the un-recyclable to cut part costs, enabling the appliance to be sold without much cost with a higher return. The resell value on a recyclable appliance is $100 - $500 depending on age, make and model, laundry or refrigerator. For example, a clothes dryer may need a drum belt replaced, the belt costs less than $10.00, the resale value minimum is $100 = $90 return. The replace belt labor time is 15-30 min. Most washing machines, ranges, and refrigerators, may need simple and inexpensive repairs. Go by big box stores to tell them that you will pick up their customer's discarded appliances for free for recycling, at no charge to the store or the customer.