Correctional Education Supervisors

Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca Says "My belief is that you can incarcerate a body, but you should never incarcerate a brain. The brain must develop regardless of what the environment is."     


Education-Based Incarceration initiative focuses on promoting intellectual growth in prisoners.  Enable inmates to use jail time to study for success once their sentence is up, cuting recidivism by only 10% and save more than $62 billion a year.

Educational programs break down racial barriers and help a facility to run more smoothly. Prisoner-students know misbehavior can jeopardize their studies, so they are better behaved, less violent, and more cooperative. They have a positive, stabilizing effect in an otherwise chaotic environment, creating a safer prison culture for all who live and work in the facility and becoming more cost effective.

Educating the Incarcerated

Applianes University Career Institute makes every effort to accommodate the enrollment of incarcerated individuals in our Major appliance and HVAC/R certificate programs and advanced courses. AU use soft-covered books and materials for ease of entry into most state prisons, Bureau of Prison, county jails and other institutions. FEDERAL CORRECTIONAL INSTITUTION, use Appliance University major appliances and HVAC/R tutorials and instructional books for their of occupational Vocational Training (VT) programs educational center.

FCI Educational Centers Beckley, WV.

USP Big Sandy Inez, KY

FCI Beaumont, TX

 Education material below:

Use Appliance University major appliances and HVAC/R tutorials and instructional books and corresponded courses.

 Curriculum Guide for classes and courses are easy to set up and follow.

   go-1-.gif   Major Appliance Installing, Troubleshooting, Servicing

Textbook Spinal-bound, 298-page

Major Appliance Installing, Troubleshooting, Servicing text book covers the operating principles and service procedures for major appliances. It includes simple, clearly written explanations of the underlying principles of operation and design of electrical fundamentals and refrigeration system servicing. Develop quiz question fromt end of charpter summaries. btn-buynow-sm.gif

Teach courses in:…Electrical Fundamentals …Alternating Current Fundamentals …Electrical Distribution Systems …Electrical Components for Major Appliances …Using Electrical Meters In Appliance Servicing …Refrigeration Fundamentals …Refrigerator and Freezer Servicing …Room Air Conditioner Servicing …Automatic Washers …Gas and Electric Dryers …Gas and Electric Ranges …Microwave Ovens …Dishwashers (This textbook also contains an appendix on sealed system servicing procedures, refrigerant recovery, refrigerator and freezer electrical component troubleshooting, ice makers and chilled water dispensers and refrigerator cabinet servicing.)

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 go-1-.gif  Video Tutorials

Appliance University video tutorials are used along with courses to help give a visiual in teaching classes. Tutorials how to properly diagnose and repair major kitchen and laundry appliances, through our training videos.

 go-1-.gif  Appliance University's 36 tutorials comprehensive training programs which give brand specific service procedures for major appliances, taking you step by step through the design, operation and specific repair procedures. Students learn how to diagnose problems, and how to disassemble components for repair or replacement. These videos cover safety, theory, operation, and troubleshooting. btn-buynow-sm.gif

 go-1-.gif  HVAC/R TECHNICIAN TRAINING Tutorials

Teach Heating, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning, and Refrigeration Technology

These 20 tutorials prepare students to repair, install, and maintain heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, and refrigeration (HVACR) systems.  Apprenticeship tutorials cover such topics as diagnostic techniques, and the use of testing equipmentMajor appliances, taking students step by step through the design, operation, and specific repair procedures. Learning how to diagnose a motor that will not run, and learn how to disassemble components. btn-buynow-sm.gif

Link to other HVAC/R Textbooks

Vocational Courses


With all six Appliance Vocational Courses that are designed for the major appliance service professional committed to excellence. . . is designed for individuals and can completed as fast as you want, or used in classroom setting. These courses is recommended to be taken as a complete course with all six units, and not completed as one or two courses only, or as a separate pick and choose course. After finishing a unit, student will take a exam for the completed unit, and then send to instructor to evaluate, making sure the student comprehends the unit. There upon, any recommendation will be sent back to the student. Than at the end of the Six Units a final exsam, after passing the exam a certificate is awarded in this apprenticeship programs. (Note: each UNIT PRE-REQUISITE MUST BE TAKEN. Meaning unit #1 is taken with exam, and proceed to next unit).

Course six developed to finish off technicians to professional development. The new course "Customer Service for Technicians" delivers four segment to polish technicians professional skills. Each segment has point of development: Segment Frocus, summary, points to ponder.

1. Why Proffessional Development is Important To Technicians

2. Establishing Standards

3. Setting Goals

4. Selling To Solve

This correspondence training program is offered by Appliance University Training Associate Jim Johnson and Technical Training Associates; a private vocational school licensed in the state of Arizona offering adult education programs in partnership with the community college system since 1986. The content of this course was designed and developed by Jim Johnson, America's best known technical writer in the major appliance field.

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