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Job Training, Self-Sufficiency from Home Base Job

If you are mechanically inclined, you may have thought about starting an appliance repair business. Think about the following questions:

Do you have the skills and knowledge to make the repairs? No?

A Service repair business may be the perfect way for you to own your own small business.

Setting your own hours, working at your own pace, and enjoying what you do are all great reasons to start your own appliance repair business. Skilled appliance repair technicians are in great demand.

Choosing a Career

If you’re not sure yet and you want to compare careers, including the day to day activities, annual salaries, checkout a comparison of AU training courses and the careers for each one.

Work from Home Resources

To learn more about setting up a small home-based business, visit the US Small Business Administration website. You can try the free online course, “Need a Job? Consider a Home-Based Business” available at AU course will walk you through the basic steps of starting and running your home-based business.