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Did you know? One in five new businesses in the US is home-based. Most are owned by women.



Make Money in Appliance or and HVAC/R service Industies!

If you want to work from home, you are not alone. Many ambitious home-based business operators choose a career in appliance or and HVAC/R service industies. Many, in fact, choose Appliance University Career Institute for flexible training in order to launch a work from home career.

Just ask yourself… Do you want to:

 Working from home… Is it for me?

 Working from home is not a perfect fit for everyone. Are you cut out to make money from home? Try asking yourself a few questions. Are you….

  • Ambitious?
  • Well-organized?
  • Detail-oriented?
  • Disciplined enough to work at home (rather than do other things)?
  • Able to keep promises and meet deadlines?
  • A strong communicator?
  • Comfortable working at a computer for extended times?
  • Able to keep track of money?
  • Confident in making your own decisions?

If you said “YES” to most of these questions, a home-based career such as MANUFACTURE REP, SERVICE MANAGER, SERVICE TECHNICIAN, SALES PERSONNEL, appliance industry or in the HVAC/R industry, may be right for you. To work from home in your own business, you need to communicate well with prospects and clients, as you become the face of the business. Yeou need to meet deadlines, and provide attention to detail. You need to train well for your career and feel comfortable working at a computer as part of your routine.


Train for a new career, gain a competitive edge, or learn the skills you need to work from home with online career training programs and certificate courses from AU Career Institute. Become a professional in one of these high-demand service industies career ! Learn more about AU career training programs.

Complete a career training course at your own pace, in a year or less, with the freedom and flexibility of studying online, anytime, anywhere.

Since 1995, Appliance University Career Institute has helped thousands of busy adults advance their careers through Tutorial correspondence courses, appliance technology self-study training courses, or HVAC/R technology courses.

  • Make money on your own terms?
  •  Increase your cash flow?
  • Set your own hours?
  • Be your own boss?
  • Hold a flexible job that lets you work around a spouse’s schedule, take care of your children when they are ill… or attend school events any time of the day?
  • Be able to travel and still get your work done?

Which career is right for you?

Appliance service repair or HVAC/R service!

Appliance Service and Repair Technician - How to Start, Prices and Services

Business 0pportunities

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Business courses Covers the necessary start-up preparations, including a business plan, operating pitfalls and business disciplines to avoid common pitfalls.

A Great Work from a Home Job

If you are mechanically inclined, you may have thought about starting an appliance repair business. Think about the following questions:

Do you have the skills and knowledge to make the repairs? No?

A Service repair business may be the perfect way for you to own your own small business.

Setting your own hours, working at your own pace, and enjoying what you do are all great reasons to start your own appliance repair business. Skilled appliance repair technicians are in great demand.

Choosing a Career

If you’re not sure yet and you want to compare careers, including the day to day activities, annual salaries, checkout a comparison of AU training courses and the careers for each one.

Work from Home Resources

To learn more about setting up a small home-based business, visit the US Small Business Administration website. You can try the free online course, “Need a Job? Consider a Home-Based Business” available at AU course will walk you through the basic steps of starting and running your home-based business.