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Learn the skills you need to repair appliances at home, at your own pace

Most videos are presented by the major appliance industry's best known technical writer and instructor, Jim Johnson and others. They bring you up to date on the design changes ,and provide you an opportunity for an intensive training experience that is truly interactive. These videos are comprehensive training programs which give specific service procedures for major appliances and HVAC/R, taking you step by step through the design, operation, and specific repair procedures. Learn how to diagnose a motor that will not run, learn how to disassemble components. These videos cover safety, theory, operation, and troubleshooting, so skills can be upgraded. This is less than the cost of a one day workshop or semester length course for one technician. And once the video is part of a company’s library, it can be used whenever it's convenient and it can be used over and over again. Appliance Vocational Training Courses MAJOR APPLIANCE CERTIFICATE PROGRAM Get appliance repair training - at home, at your own pace with Appliance University. You’ll get hands-on appliance repair training in: -Using electrical appliance tools and testers. Working with electric heating appliances and fans. -Working with electric ranges, water heaters, and washing machines. -Working with motor-driven small appliances, clothes dryers, dishwashers, compactors, and disposals. Appliance repair training at home means there's no classroom needed! Start a challenging, moneymaking career as an Appliance Repair Technician.

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Appliance University Video Libraries Below. Complete appliance repair video Libraries to keep tec's trained. Learn how to properly diagnose and repair major kitchen and laundry appliances and HVAC/R through our training videos.