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As the COVID-19 present unprecedented challenges to communities around the world, individually have to become more self reliant to get home repair done. Business leaders in the service industry know the service tech sector will not be able to get to all needing their appliance serviced. The tech sector tooling up for distance learning. In doing so, they are weaponizing social networks and other Silicon Valley-built tools. In this endeavor Appliance University has been in education go-to for DIY and for distance learning for over three decades in teaching appliance and HVAC/R repair.  

AU providing Superior and Complete Hands-On Appliance Repair Training 

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Appliance University Repair course DIYS Appliance Repair Guides to help you find the problem with your broken appliances, and how to repair them yourself! Use professional repair techniques used to fix all types of appliances.

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Because labor accounts for less than half the cost of a typical repair, you can save big by doing repair yourself with Appliance University major brand videos.

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