Correspondence Appliance Training Programs For Inmates

Founded in 1995 as Appliance Tec Talk, Appliance University Career Institute as been developing training tutorial. We have a long history of providing convenient and affordable education for prison inmates.

  Correctional Education with

Occupational Trainging Programs

Correctional education is “one of the most productive and important reentry services,” said Gerry Gaes, noted criminologist and former research director of the Federal Bureau of Prisons.


Locked Up and Lock Out...
Education Reduces Crime

Education is the cornerstone of success and has proven benefits for the incarcerated:

 Cut recidivism by only 10%, we'll save more than $62 billion a year, money we now pour down the national drain.
  • Increased employment prospects, More marketable job skills
Imates interested in furthering their education enhance their  employability after release with occupational marketable skills.
  • A higher self-esteem Inmates understand the importance of education for their own success in life.
  • A means to transition into society

Above from: "The Top Reasons Nine To Increase Correctional Education Programs"
Education and Vocational Training in Prisons Reduces Recidivism, Improves Job Outlook

     Educating the Incarcerated
Applianes University Career Institute makes every effort to accommodate the enrollment of incarcerated individuals in our Major appliance and HVAC/R certificate programs and advanced courses. AU use soft-covered books and materials for ease of entry into most state prisons, Bureau of Prison, county jails and other institutions. FEDERAL CORRECTIONAL INSTITUTION use Appliance University major appliances and HVAC/R tutorials and instructional books for their of occupational Vocational Training (VT) programs educational center.

  • USP Big Sandy, Inez, KY
  • FCI Educational Centers Beckley, WV.
  • FCI Beaumont, TX 

All course materials can be shipped directly to the student by AU. Inmates can complete the entire program via correspondence using U.S. mail. There is no need for a computer or access to the internet. We provide all of the necessary materials so students do not have to seek additional or outside resources in order to graduate. 

As a caring family member or friend, you may wonder why inmates would want to enroll in our programs.

Some of the reasons include:

  • To improve their knowledge appliance and how they work, whether it’s for personal development or to help others.
  • To acquire a new skill to use in the future.
  • To prove to a parole board that they have worked hard and used their time in a positive manner.

Once students complete our, many choose to continue with Appliance University by enrolling in one of our five Advanced certificate courses. Materials for these courses are also soft cover and meet most facility rules and regulations.

Correspondence learning is an effective and convenient method for incarcerated individuals to meet their educational goals.

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