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  • Electrical Fundamentals for Major Appliance Technicians

LEARN HOW TO READ Schematics with this complete step by step tutorial

For Technician’s foundation in troubleshooting skills & using wiring diagrams. Seeks to eliminate the mysteries of electricity under the subjects such as Generating Electricity, Atomic Theory, Ohm’s law, etc.

  • Understanding Electricity, Test Instruments, Schematics & Motors

Chapters in this visual video course include Understanding Electricity, Test Instruments, Schematics & Motors. Includes how to use VOM meters, hot, neutral, & ground, electrical basics & troubleshooting, motors, and low voltage relays. #1008a Run time 60 Min.

  • Using Schematics & Pictorial Diagrams

This visual course explains how simple schematics are used when approached on a line-by-line basis. Discussion on refrigerators, air conditioners, laundry equipment, electric & gas ranges, and microwave ovens. This course is included on #1008a DVD above.

  • Proper Use of Test Instruments Using Analog & Digital Meters

In this 60-minute DVD training program, Jim Johnson covers the safety aspects and proper use of analog and digital meters to make necessary electrical checks when troubleshooting and servicing HVACR equipment and checking components and circuits. Test equipment from several different manufacturers (Fluke, Fieldpiece, MA Line and UEI) is employed to show a practical approach to accomplishing continuity checks, and resistance, AC and DC voltage, capacitance, current, temperature, and pressure measurements. An exercise in using Ohm’s Law in a practical application is included in this program. If you are a technician already working in the field and looking for more information on test instruments, this DVD is for you because it takes a nuts and bolts approach to the method of operation of a wide variety of instruments and gives you a chance to expand your knowledge.



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