Yellowstone Falls and Canyon

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"Yellowstone Falls and Canyon" tells us a tale of a boy who went fishing in Yellowstone Canyon above the falls. "Yellowstone Falls and Canyon" tells us a tale of a boy who went fishing in Yellowstone Canyon above the Lower Yellowstone Falls.That boy was myself, who failed to listen to my father to follow his steps closely went we got off of Uncle Tom's trail to descend the canyon to the river. Deciding my decision was the best way to beat my father to the water's edge and catch a fish before anyone else, taking charge, and proceeded to slide down a path made of rock shard. Suddenly the whole hill went out from under my feet, and down I went, mountain and all.  My father who was raised in the Bitterroot mountains of Idaho, knew that this slide of mine would not gently stop at the water's edge but would roll over a cliff right into the water above the falls, to my death. He watched in terror as I headed to my doom toward the cliff's edge, straight into Yellowstone River and over the falls. My mother and younger sister who wisely stood at the observation deck, screamed, and my father watched helplessly at my demise. At the last moment I heard him yell, "catch that branch!" and so I was able to throw myself back to reach a large pine branch which, firmly rooted in the soil, stopped my accent and doom. I was able to transverse across to my safety at that point. Later that day, my father and I fished, catching a mess of native trout for the family dinner while camping in Yellowstone. The Falls name, after that, became known to my family as "Michael's Fall". This story inspired me to create this painting. I hope my viewers enjoy the history of it as much as I do.

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