HVAC/R TECHNICIAN TRAINING Tutorial Library, 20 Courses

 Heating, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning, and Refrigeration Technology -  By Distance Learning

These AU HVAC/R video tutorials prepare students to repair, install, and maintain heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, and refrigeration (HVACR) systems.  Apprenticeship tutorials cover such topics as diagnostic techniques, and the use of testing equipment. These videos are presented by the HVAC/R industry's best known technical writer and instructor, Jim Johnson and others. These videos are comprehensive training programs which give specific service procedures for HVAC/R, taking you step by step through the design, operation, and specific repair procedures. Learn how to diagnose a motor that will not run, and learn how to disassemble components. Appliance University DVD video courses cover safety, theory, operation, and troubleshooting, so skills can be upgraded. And they are less than the cost of a one day workshop or semester length course for one technician. And once the video is part of a company’s library, it can be used whenever it's convenient and it can be viewed over and over again for trainees.


Includes The Following 20 Apprenticeship courses ...

CURRICULUM-A (VLDa-HVAC/R) 16 Courses units
#HVAC-1040 Troubleshooting, Servicing and Maintaining Central A/C Systems

#HVAC-1046 Troubleshooting and Servicing Commercial Reach-In Equipment
#HVAC-101 Electrical Fundamentals For HVACR Technicians
#HVAC-102 Using Schematics To Troubleshoot HVAC/R Equipment, Part One
#HVAC-103 Uncomplicating The Heat Pump: Refrigeration & Air Flow Systems
#HVAC-104 Uncomplicating The Heat Pump: Electrical Systems
#HVAC-105 Comfort Cooling Refrigeration System Troubleshooting
#HVAC-106 TXV Refrigeration Systems: Understanding Superheat & Subcooling
#HVAC-107 Understanding Potential Relays & Start Capacitors
#HVAC-108 The Fundamentals Understanding Control Transformers
#HVAC-109 Understanding Compressor Motor Windings
#HVAC-110 Semi-Hermetic Compressors: Testing, Servicing & Isolating
#HVAC-111 Understanding Fan Relays & Multiple-Speed Fan Motors
#HVAC-112 HVAC/R Electrical Troubleshooting: Deciding Where To Begin
#HVAC-113 HVAC/R Electrical Troubleshooting: Component Testing
#HVAC-114 Refrigerator Fundamentals for HVAC/R /Technicians

btn-buynow-sm.gif  16 Courses units

CURRICULUM-B (VLDb-HVAC/R) 20 Courses units(16 above + 4 below)
#HVAC-115 Evaluating Refrigeration Systems: Troubleshooting & Identifying Problems - NEW   

#HVAC-116 Preparing For The EPA Refrigerant Recovery Certification Exam - NEW

#HVAC-117 Soldering and Brazing Refrigeration System Tubing - NEW
#HVAC-118  Proper Use of Test Instruments & Service Equipment: Using Analog and Digital Meters - NEW 

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