Maytag Neptune Washer-Tutorial

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Servicing the Maytag Neptune Washer DVD Video Tutorial

Because the Maytag Neptune Washer is one of the newest, most popular, front-load machines on the market today, troubleshooting and servicing information is a must for every professional technician. This valuable Appliance University training tool is perfect for both new and experienced technicians, for one-man shops and larger, multi-technician businesses. Written and produced by a well-known author and instructor, Jim Johnson, this training resource comes as a complete set, including a comprehensive 80-minute video and a technician’s workbook with the graphics and diagrams used during the video presentation. Using the workbook while viewing the video makes this a true interactive learning experience! There is even a 20-question test with the answers discussed on the video. The topics and chapters in this video include: Operation Overview from the Technician’s Point-of-View, Installation Requirements, Accessing Components, Mechanical Operation Overview, the Motor Drive System, The Electrical System, Overview of Seals and Strut Construction, Troubleshooting Common Problems, Symptoms and Solutions, a Cycle Review, a Specification Review, and a Quiz Question Review. 80-minute video and a technician’s workbook. 80-minute video and a technician’s workbook.

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