Learning the Secrets of Troubleshooting Refrigerators

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Secrets of Troubleshooting Refrigerators*

How to Troubleshoot Common Refrigerator Problems


with this complete step by step Appliance  University Tutorial
Refrigerator Maintenance | How To Maintain Your Refrigerator

Most refrigerator repairs can be accomplished QUICKLY, with no special tools or knowledge other than this service manual. The same things tend to fail in the same designs. BY repairing DIY refrigeration PROBLEMS you can save yourself a time, hassle and money.
If you want an instructional video that will help you correctly diagnose and repair refrigerators without heavy theory, this is it! Over 90% of reported refrigerator problems are heat transfer or electrical problems. The other 10% are sealed system problems (Order video #1009 for information on sealed systems*). This Appliance University video reveals many troubleshooting and repair secrets. In addition to teaching you how to recognize sealed system problems, you will learn how to TROUBLESHOOT COMPLAINTS and do REPAIR SOLUTIONS
  • Not running at all or running but not cold.
  • Freezing in the Refrigerator or warming up in the freezer side?
  • Freezer Frosting up?
  • Pooling water or ice on the floor?
  • Whistling, warbling, chirping, clicking, buzzing or making other funny noises.
  • Dirty condenser can cause major problems, but that can be corrected by maintenance.
  • REFRIGERANT IS NOT THE PROBLEM! 95% of all refrigerator repairs have nothing to do with Freon-or R12. Dichlorodifluoromethane R-12(See: The Truth about Seal System & Cup Tube Systems) is no longer being used by  refrigeration manufacturer! Banned in the United States along with many other countries in 1994 due to concerns about damage to the ozone layer. A common misconception is that refrigerator repairs always have something to do with the sealed system, this is just simply not true!

Secrets of Trouble Shooting refrigerators

This Appliance university video Will show you how to diagnose and fix the problems. Focusing on diagnosis and repair procedures for the most common symptoms, such as no cooling, ice or water buildup, noisy operation,electrical troubles, etc. Covers Whirlpool / Kenmore / Coldspot, GE / Hotpoint, Amana, Norge, Westinghouse, Philco, Frigidaire, Gibson, Kelvinator, Montgomery Ward, Signature and most other major brands. And if there is a sealed system troubles AU video on The Truth about Seal System & Cup Tube Systems can be purchased, we recommend you call a professional for this problems. And even if it does turn out that you have a sealed system problem, at least you can save yourself a diagnosis charge, and make an informed decision as to whether or not to have the fridge repaired!
Appliance University DVD courses are 10th of the cost of one day workshop or semester length course for one technician. And once the video is part of a company’s library, it can viewed whenever it's convenient over and over again for new trainees.
See: The Truth about Seal System & Cup Tube Systems for Sealed refrigerator Problems, not addressed in video 1009. 

 See: Library C-Repairing Refrigeration Technical Training Tutorials-5 videos, 7 training course

*The EPA requires that those working with refrigerants must be certified, and voluntary certifications include the National Appliance Service Technician Certification and the Certified Appliance Professional certification THIS VIDEO WILL NOT GIVE A CERTIFICATION TEST OR WILL ONE BE CERTIFIED BY VIEW THIS VIDEO. Google book: Guide to the E.P.A. Refrigerant Handling Certification Exam
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