Learn to Troubleshoot Repair and Service Gas Ranges

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Learn Troubleshooting, Repairing and Servicing Gas Ranges-Educational DVD & Brochure

This Appliance University tutorial covers all aspects of proper diagnostic procedures. You will learn about standing pilot systems, spark ignition systems, along with glow and coil ignition systems. Learn all about pilot light requirements, flash tubes, cleaning burner ports, fuel and air adjustments and converting standing pilot surface burners to LP gas, you will also learn about oven thermostat operations, heater pilot systems, MS (safety value) systems and converting the safety value to L.P. gas. Quiz question review included.ess side of things, this video helps to market to customers with gas ranges to increase your profits. You will learn how to increase your profits by offering CO tests and selling carbon monoxide detectors. This is the most comprehensive service instructional set of gas ranges available today! Written by Jim Johnson. Troubleshooting & Servicing Gas Ranges comes with a reference booklet.

Topics and chapters in this tutorial video & Workbook include:

  • Gas range operation overview of standing pilot and electric ignition ranges                                     
  • Quiz question and test your knowledge
  • Surface burners with standing pilot an electric ignition systems
  • Oven burners with standing pilot, spark ignition and glow ignition systems
  • Sealed burners
  • Converting ranges from natural to LP gas operation
  • Troubleshooting electrical circuits in gas ranges
  • Carbon monoxide testing procedures
  • Marketing to customers with gas ranges to increase your profits


Repairing Gas & Electric Ranges Instructional Tutorials-Library GE

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