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TWO DVD Video TUTORIAL-Educational DVD & Brochure

GE Newer Design Front-Serviceable Washer and Dryer

Both technician and Do-it-Yourself will gain knowledge and experience with this two interactive video tutorial set.

This Appliance University video tutorial takes you step-by-step through the design, operation and specific service procedures related to the GE/Hotpoint Front Serviceable Washer and Drying machine. The courses show you how to test and remove the water valve, timer, water level switch, water temperature selection switch, drive motor and removal of pump. These two video courses also explain and demonstrate the steps necessary for removal of the tub and transmission assembly. Also included in this video packet is a technician’s resource guide. This allows you to actually participate in the presentation. You can make notes, record important information for later reference, and trace circuits on wiring diagrams for a fully interactive video presentation.

The topics and chapters in this video & workbook include:

· Operation overview from the customer’s and technician’s point of view

· Quiz questions and testing your knowledge

· Installation considerations

· Cabinet servicing

· Accessing and testing control panel electrical components

· Remove pump testing and replacement

· Drive Motor removal and replacement

· Mechanical System servicing

· Tub and transmission assembly removal

· Quiz Question Review

 The GE/Hotpoint front serviceable dryer, In production since 1994, this current model of dryer was introduced as the companion to the GE/Hotpoint front serviceable washing machine. This video covers the air flow patterns of the front serviceable dryer model, how to use meters to test specific components in both the gas and electric models, and how to disassemble the dryer when replacing the belt, motor and blower assembly, and electrical operating components.

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