Isaac Kepookalani Hale Beach Park Pohoiki Hawai'i

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"Isaac Kepookalani Hale Beach Park Pohoiki Hawai'i", I'm extremely mindful of the importance of Pohoiki for local people and, as with everything related to Kilauea’s current eruption. Painting "Isaac Kepookalani Hale Beach Park Hawaii Pohoiki" with clouds of vog, remembering the day Martha and I visited this enchant beach. As the Lava from Kilauea volcano’s lower East Rift Zone fissure 8 continued to inch its way along the lower Puna coastline toward Isaac Hale Beach Park and Pohoiki boat ramp I start on the painting, think that's the end of the park. Lamenting the imminent loss of the recreational area, popular for fishing, boating, surfing and other ocean activities. Working with the scene I was having a hard time getting the boat ramp in with the right perspectives because of canvas size. That very week fissure 8 stop putting out lava which saved Isaac Hale state beach and Pohoiki. So I finish up the painting with a lagoon, not knowing what going to happening with the park. By the next week on 8.15.2018, latest news was that the harbor was being encircled by a black sand bar with a beach closing off the harbor and making a new lagoon. I'm not saying, but truly it's totally strange.

"Not foe but friend, the liquid lava, the hot molten mana of magma decided to do her part – protecting the little red house, her new neighbor, from the ever encroaching erasure and erosion of her ancient shores." By Marilynn Lokelani Kauhane Howe.
Mahalo, Michael S,

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review