Hale Beach Pohoiki Park

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Hale Beach Pohoiki Park is the little red house(Hale) at Isaac Kepookalani Beach State Beach Park on the coast of the big island Hawaii. Painting "Isaac Kepookalani Beach Park Hawaii Pohoiki" with clouds of vog. measurement 24 high 36 wide 1.5 deep

As the Lava from Kilauea volcano’s lower East Rift Zone fissure 8 with darkness of the Vog(sulfur gas) continued to inch its way along the lower Puna coastline toward Isaac Kepookalani Beach Park and Pohoiki boat ramp I start on the painting, think that's the end of the park. Lamenting the imminent loss of the recreational area, popular for fishing, boating, surfing and other ocean activities. Working with the scene I was having a hard time getting the boat ramp in with the right perspectives because of canvas size. That very week fissure 8 stop putting out lava which saved Isaac Kepookalani state beach. So I finish up the painting with a lagoon, not knowing what going to happening with the park. By the next week on 8.15.2018, latest news was that the harbor was being encircled by a black sand bar with a beach closing off the harbor and making a new lagoon. I'm not saying, but truly it's totally strange.

 Enhanced embellie giclee painting are signed & numbered paintings that has been retouched and has the look and feel of a original painting there will be only limited painting produced. Artist enhanced editions are hand-embellished of Isaac Kepookalani Hale Beach Park Pohoiki, Hawaii. to order a Embellie Giclee print and other products with Hale Beach image, please please  btn-buynow-sm.gifclick here 

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