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DIY Clothes Washer Machine Repair Questions with Solutions



To avoid personal injury or death, disconnect your appliance from its power source before you start any troubleshooting or repair work. Use caution when working inside any appliance.



                     Clothes Washer Machine DIY Questions with ServicesSolution

  • 1. Why does my washer do nothing when I turn it on?
  • 2. Why won't the washer stop filling yet it doesn't get full?
  • 3. Why is the water so slow to fill or there's no water at all?
  • 4. Why are the wash and rinse water temperatures incorrect?
  • 5. Why is the cold water setting delivering hot water all of a sudden?
  • 6. Why is the washer not agitating and/or spinning?
  • 7. Why won't the washer drain the water?
  • 8. Why won't the washer finish the cycle?
  • 9. Why is the washer leaking?
  • 10. Why do I have an over-sudsing problem?
  • 11. Why does the washer fill or drip even when it's not turned on?
  • 12. Why is the water level not right for my load size?
  • 13. What are those little pieces of lint on my clothes?
  • 14. Why do I have so much lint on my clothes?
  • 15. Where does all the lint go?
  • 16. How full can I fill my top loading washer?
  • 17. How full can I fill my front loading washer?
  • 18. Why are there thumping sounds coming from my washer?
  • 19. Why do I hear vibrating sounds?
  • 20. Why does my washer seem to walk around the floor?
  • 21. Why won't the lid or door open?
  • 22. Why are my clothes too wet after the spin cycle?
  • 23. Why do my permanent press items come out wrinkled?
  • 24. Why are my clothes all tangled and knotted coming out of the washer?
  • 25. Why are my clothes damaged with holes, tears, or fraying.


  • 26. Why are my clothes coming out with rust stains on them?
  • 27. Why can't I get these nasty stains out of my clothes?
  • 28. Why are there oil stains on my clothes that weren't there before?
  • 29. Why are my clothes losing their color or getting discolored?
  • 30. Why is there a detergent residue on my clothes?
  • 31. What are typical load sizes and water level settings?
  • 32. How delicate is the delicate cycle?
  • 33. What temperature settings should I use?
  • 34. What are the various noises I hear from my washer?
  • 35. What's the best way to wash a heavily soiled load of laundry?
  • 36. What's the best way to clean the exterior of my washer?
  • 37. What can I do to get rid of the stinky smelly foul odor coming from my washer?
  • 38. Why does my washer agitate but it won't fill?

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