Black Sand Beach

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"Black Sand Beach" is a rendering derived from "Expectation", original oil painting by Michael Silbaugh. "Black Sand Beach"  is giclée enhanced embellish from "Expectation". Since these giclée prints have to be enhanced or repainted will take time for delivery, lead time will be about one mouth. Black Sand beach is enhanced embellished giclée painting, Michael has retouch with oils thus in itself became another painting. Embellished giclée painting is numbered, only 100 will be done and than retired. 

"Black Sand Beach" is a rendering derived from "Expectation", original oil painting by Michael Silbaugh. "Black Sand Beach" is giclée enhanced embellish from "Expectation". Often when we appear to be in the most distressing and dark times in our lives, this is the very time of greatest growth and spiritual elevation, because we are facing our hidden fears and we are being given the opportunity to "move them out" of our way, and liberate ourselves of them once and for all!
Sometimes we do need to receive help to effectively move out these lower vibrational energies, so that they no longer act as magnets. But once the energy is effectively cleared and the lessons have been learned, we no longer attract these types of experiences, so we can be assured that whatever is coming to us is necessary for our evolvement. Once it is learned, it will be over. Everything changes, except God and that is the greatest assurance we have to get us through the growth process.
"Black Sand Beach" is available in various print editions plus other products or as a giclée are hand-embellished of "Black Sand Beach" 

The watermark in the lower right corner of the image will not appear on the original.

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 *Giclée digital facilitation technology is a concept of painting techniques by first taking a giclée print as the under layer concept base and enhancing it with oils on top by hand. Through this painting-print technique, the Giclée is more than a print, it becomes an original in itself. I am then able to number and date each one as an original since it is far removed from print only. The price is much lower than the first original but slightly higher than a Giclée print that is not numbered and at times not signed.